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Tooth Loss Can Have Far-reaching Effects On Your Dental Health

Tooth Loss Can Have Far-reaching Effects On Your Dental Health

dental implants west SenecaTooth loss can compromise a patient’s oral health in a number of ways. When considering how to replace a missing tooth or teeth, it’s important for the patient to consider how the chosen treatment may affect dental health, as well.

For example, dental implants can help to mitigate some of the consequences associated with tooth loss. These devices are so effective because they are made of materials with which the surrounding jaw bone is capable of forming a bond.

Essentially, the implant dentist can place these devices to stand in for the root of the patient’s absent tooth or teeth.

By comparison, alternative tooth replacement options like dentures and bridges do not replace any structures below the gumline. As such, dental implants tend to be more stable and durable than other prosthetics.

Because of their unique root-like structure, dental implants help to stabilize the prosthetic and the jaw bone material in a way that other tooth replacement methods do not.

Therefore, patients who choose dental implants benefit from a more consistent jawbone contour over time. This is particularly valuable in the case of implant-supported dentures, as conventional dentures tend to lose their fit as this jawbone atrophy progresses.

The physical link between the dental implant and the jaw also helps to preserve more chewing function. The implant is able to withstand chewing forces that approximate those tolerated by biological teeth. Again, tooth replacement appliances that do not have as strong a connection to the jaw may not be as effective at chewing, and patients may need to eliminate certain foods from their diets as a result.

Dental implants do require a surgical procedure for placement, so if you have any concerns about that aspect of the treatment process, be sure to discuss them with your dentist in advance of the procedure.

Dental implants can help to limit the negative effects that follow tooth loss. Contact Inspire Dental Group to learn more about this treatment and to see if it would be appropriate in your case.   We have offices in West Seneca – Orchard Park and Amherst, New York.