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Restore Your Smile With Confidence!

Restore Your Smile With Confidence!

Restore Your Smile With Confidence!

Do you have missing teeth and are looking for options to restore your smile? Our oral surgery team at Inspire Dental Group is here to help you explore different treatment options that are best suited for you!

When it comes to dental restoration due to tooth loss, two favorable options are dental implants or dentures. A removable partial denture is a relatively inexpensive option which involves replacing missing teeth with a prosthesis that must be removed from the mouth by the patient at night and after eating to clean it and utilizes metal or plastic clasps or hooks around adjacent teeth to anchor the prosthesis in place. These can prematurely wear the teeth.

A complete denture is a dental prosthesis that provides a complete set of upper or lower teeth that are attached to an acrylic base that looks like gum tissue. The denture can be removed by the patient to allow cleaning. This denture is completely supported by soft tissue and bone. The stability is dependent on the relationship between the denture and supporting tissue.

Dental implants are strong, similar to a natural tooth, preserve the structure of the jawbone, and do not affect neighboring healthy teeth in the mouth. They are permanent, non-removable replacement teeth that function on a higher level than any other artificial teeth while maintaining a reputation for endurance and attractiveness.

An implant starts with a substitute tooth root that fits into the jawbone. Through a natural healing process, the bone and the implant become fused together, forming a permanent foundation upon which we can build a new tooth. Through this process, we can replace a single tooth or several at a time. When the implant and the bone have become fully joined, custom porcelain dental crowns or bridges will be attached to create a finished, realistic-looking tooth.

When deciding between dentures and dental implants, a couple of different factors will be considered for each patient. This includes permanence, longevity, maintenance, aesthetics, and cost. At Inspire, our team includes specially trained oral surgeons that work with your regular dentist to provide the most complete care possible.

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