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Say Goodbye to Tongue and Lip-Tie Issues!

Say Goodbye to Tongue and Lip-Tie Issues!

Say Goodbye to Tongue and Lip-Tie Issues!

My name is Carrie Wanamaker, and I am a board-certified pediatric dentist and I have been practicing pediatric dentistry in WNY for 14 years! I have always been passionate about helping others, especially when it comes to children and young parents. As a mother myself, I would do anything in the world to make sure my children are happy and healthy. I am excited to now offer laser frenectomies for tongue, lip and buccal ties for infants and children of all ages.

I use a LightScalpel CO2 laser which is gentle on the tissues and allows optimal healing with minimal pain or post-op bleeding.  It is a beautiful instrument that allows me to use it safely and efficiently on the tiniest, most vulnerable patients.  Tongue and lip ties do not just affect babies, they impact older children by affecting speech, feeding, posture, breathing, sleeping, digestion, orthodontics, and countless other issues. The procedure is done right in the office and does not require general anesthesia. For many of the non-infants, nitrous oxide is a good addition to help if they need a little extra relaxation. 

I am grateful for the opportunity to serve patients and deliver them comfortable, respectful care in a safe, welcoming environment. I know how difficult the early months of infancy are, and how challenging it can be as a mom with a child who is having difficulty feeding. I am eager to help moms and babies who need help with tongue and lip frenectomies, as I know from personal experience how incredibly life-changing it can be. I treat children everyday (my own children are now 18 months old and 5 years old) and I am very comfortable around children of all ages and abilities.

After giving birth to my second child Remy, I had issues with a painful latch, inefficient sucking, and him gasping air bubbles, leading to chronic gas and reflux. Nursing was difficult and painful, and I was considering switching to exclusively pumping like I did with my first child, Aspen. I was ready to give up on breastfeeding. I had a dear friend who is a pediatric dentist in Syracuse come to visit and she gently offered some explanations as to why things might be so difficult for us. As a post-partum mother, it can often be hard to hear when there is something “wrong” with your child, but my friend was able to diagnose a tongue and lip tie and I knew deep down enough of a background or knowledge to diagnose or treat, and I definitely didn’t know how tongue and lip ties could influence both breastfeeding and bottle feeding. She offered to release the ties for me, and it was an absolute game changer that truly and honestly changed both mine and my baby’s life.  The procedure was super easy and fast, and I saw immediate changes that night. I saw my baby transform from a colicky baby to a content baby that did not make my toes curl in pain when he latched. It was incredible. After this, I made a commitment that to get trained in performing laser frenectomies to help moms and babies. I have had countless friends and family members suffer from the effects of tongue and lip-tied babies, and I knew now how I could help others in the future. 

I know that I cannot do this alone. I know that we all need to work together as a community to work on this difficult problem together. Lactation consultants, body workers of all kinds, pediatricians, PT’s, OT’s, speech therapists, professionals who deal with feeding disorders – anyone that treats babies or children with tongue or lip ties, I would love to develop a relationship with. I am open to learning anything I can about the different specialties and how I can work best with you!

As I set out on this journey, I promise I will take care of the babies as if they were my own and treat the parents as I would want to be treated as a new mom.

To learn a little more about the service please visit the link below or feel free to give our office a call!

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