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Dental Myths that Could be Damaging Your Teeth

Dental Myths that Could be Damaging Your Teeth

dentist BuffaloWe can do many things to keep teeth and gums healthy. Daily brushing and flossing coupled with visits to the dentist every six months are primary tools at the base of great oral care. Although this is general knowledge, there are other facts that may be misleading affecting how we care for our teeth and gums.

Crooked teeth are only an aesthetic issue – False: While having straight teeth enhances our smile, having crooked teeth most certainly contributes to dental decay and the potential for gum disease. Crooked teeth can provide areas difficult to reach with brushing and flossing allowing for increased plaque build-up.

If you brush and floss daily, visits to the dentist every six months is excessive – False: While many of us exit our dental visit without need for further treatment, consider the reason is because we see our dental provider regularly. Plaque forms on everyone’s teeth, and the only way to have it removed is with that professional hygiene cleaning. If plaque is allowed to build, the bacteria can lead to cavities and the onset of gum disease.

If I limit my sugar intake, I don’t have to worry about getting cavities – False: Dental decay is a result of plaque build-up, and sugar does contribute to plaque; however, the bacteria from everything we eat and drink that remains on teeth can lead to dental decay.

Teeth whitening can damage dental enamel – False: Years ago many teeth whitening products contained abrasive materials that could lead to problems with excessive use. However, today’s whitening treatments are PH balanced; while sensitivity can occur, it most often ceases upon treatment completion.

Tooth loss is no big deal – False: One or more teeth can be lost due to trauma, disease, decay, or failure to emerge properly. When teeth are missing, many aspects of day to day living can be impacted from how we are perceived by those we meet; to issues with speech; and what foods we can consume. Tooth loss is not acceptable at any age, and there are many solutions your dentist can provide.

Dental discomfort is normal – False: Pain is a signal of a problem. Ongoing discomfort should be checked out right away. You may be able to resolve an issue before it escalates into a costly and time consuming dental treatment plan.

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