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Dental Implants for Renewed Self-confidence and Peace of Mind

Dental Implants for Renewed Self-confidence and Peace of Mind

oral surgery west SenecaTooth loss can have a serious downward pull on a patient’s self-esteem, and when the prosthetic used to replace the missing teeth is uncomfortable and looks unnatural, it can just compound the problem. Dental implants offer a solution for tooth loss that is both aesthetically pleasing and reliable.

These devices tend to be more stable than other tooth replacement methods because there is a physical link that forms as the bone integrates with the surface of the titanium implant. With dentures, there is no such structure beneath the gumline, and the only thing to hold them in place is a denture adhesive, which doesn’t always work properly.

Furthermore, because dental implants have structures similar to biological teeth, they also have a lifelike appearance. A poorly crafted denture or dental bridge can look noticeably artificial and detract from your beautiful smile.

Dental implants do require an oral surgery procedure for placement, but the procedure often can be completed in a single appointment. Depending on the type of placement, the patient may also be fitted with a temporary prosthetic, whether a crown, bridge or denture, at the end of that session.

If you have any concerns about undergoing oral surgery, be sure to discuss these with your dentist so that you have all of the information you need in deciding on a tooth replacement.

Dental implants can also give patients peace of mind because they don’t need to be refitted or replaced like bridges and dentures do. The implants hold the jaw in place, so its contour is less likely to change, causing a failure of the appliance. In fact, dental implants can last for decades if you take good care of them.

Implants also maintain more chewing function because they can tolerate stronger forces due to the connection between the jaw and the implant. Within reason, patients can usually continue to enjoy most, if not all, of their favorite foods. Don’t start chewing on particularly hard items, like pencils or ice cubes, though.

For more information about the pros and cons of dental implants, contact our skilled team at Inspire Dental Group to determine if this treatment might be the right choice to restore your smile and your self-confidence.