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Subtle Straightening with Invisalign

Subtle Straightening with Invisalign

orthodontist west SenecaInvisalign clear aligners provide the means to straight teeth without obtrusive braces. And straight teeth help the patient in many ways besides providing a stunning smile.

Advantages of straight teeth are many; but crooked teeth can lead to problems including:

An unhealthy smile – crooked, misshapen teeth allow areas for plaque to build. Daily oral maintenance may not be sufficient in reducing plaque build-up as the tooth brush and dental floss have difficulty reaching these areas. When plaque is allowed to form and build, the possibility of dental decay and/or gum disease increases.

Difficulty with speech can lead to a permanent impediment like a lisp – this can occur when teeth are crooked making word pronunciation difficult.

Worn dental enamel can occur due to teeth grinding – when teeth do not meet properly a malocclusion results allowing teeth to “slip off” each other. This happens when chewing and increases the possibility of teeth grinding subconsciously during sleep, and can lead to habitual grinding. When dental enamel is worn and the pressure from grinding persists, broken teeth can occur.

Invisalign has many positive attributes that include:

The aligners are clear delivering straightened teeth without resorting to metal braces. Because they are transparent, teeth straightening with this method is extremely popular with teens and adults alike.

The aligners are removable. This is an important fact that rewards in many ways:

Daily oral maintenance – Teeth can be brushed and flossed without any obstructions.

Daily diet – Does not need to be altered as the aligners are taken out for meals and snacking. This means you can continue to enjoy all the foods you love as well as healthy fresh fruits and vegetables that are so often discouraged with metal bands and brackets.

Comfortable – The aligners are made from a material strong enough to shift teeth to their correct position, but are non-abrasive and won’t cut into soft oral tissues.

Twice yearly dental visits – You can continue to receive the same great treatment having teeth cleaned and polished; a dental exam can be thorough without any obstruction.

It is important to remember that visits with your orthodontist do not take the place of semi-annual visits for hygiene maintenance.

At the conclusion of orthodontic treatment, you will enjoy all the benefits of straight teeth: a stunning smile coupled with healthier teeth and gums because you underwent the subtle straightening with Invisalign.

To find out if you are a candidate for Invisalign, contact our team at Inspire Dental Group and schedule your informative consultation today.